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One of the most up to date Iridology textbooks available in the world today. Suffering scoliosis and chronic pain, fatigue, and depression due to a back injury, Ellen Tart-Jensen became determined to take charge of her life. She began researching natural health care and discovered that by listening to one's body and following nature's simple laws, health is attainable for everyone, herself included.

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Now a nutritional consultant and certified iridologist, she's at her absolute healthiest and travels the world coaching others in self-care. It is filled with a wealth of tips on nutrition, therapeutic teas, exercise, cleanses, and more.

Book Excerpts from "Health Is Your Birthright — How To Create The Health You Deserve" The nutritional plan I offer here has helped hundreds of people drop excess pounds, maintain their normal weight, feel energetic, and heal a majority of the health problems they were experiencing. What Can Your Eyes Reveal? Have you ever wondered why you have such interesting colors and patterns in your eyes?

Understand Iris Color - Color Pigments in the Iris

Have you wondered if your eyes can tell you something about yourself? These questions and more are answered in the informative new book, The Simplified Guide to Iridology! What is Iridology? Iridology can even give us a glimpse into our individual personalities! CCII is an up-to-date introduction into this fascinating subject.

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In this book, you will discover the amazing world of information that can be found within your eyes! A satin finish protective coating on each page makes this an attractive addition to your iridology resources: This 66 page spiral bound set of flash cards is an ideal reference for students, which becomes a wonderful resource you will use every day once you are in clinical practice. Open up meaningful dialogue with your clients. His charts are still used today.

Among her many pupils have been doctors, nurses, optometrists, dentists and other health care professionals. She has also been invited to speak to the undergraduate class at the school of Optometry at the University of NSW.

Techniques in Iris Analysis Textbook for Iridology

We might refer to a doctor or a naturopath. A doctor treats sick people and a naturopath tries to maintain wellness. Iridology is a health screening tool and a very effective one. Toni explains that a properly trained iridologist can tell from the structure of your eye, for example, if you have a predisposition to blood sugar disorders. The two major ones are the structural pattern of the eye tissue that makes up the actual iris and the second is the colour that we see in the eye.

There are two sets of colour. This suggests that we accumulate pigment with age, the same way we do with the skin as we age.


For instance, all brown variations of pigment are from the liver, yellow is from the kidneys. Left and right irises are similar, but not the same.

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The right iris refers to the right side of your body in 80 per cent of cases. There is a cross over. She readily agrees that prior to digital imaging film was unreliable because the colour varied according to the brand of film, the quality of paper and lab printing it. I would have definitely told a patient that there may have been a disposition for a problem with a certain organ which was not correct then because my thinking and teachings were wrong then, but on a scale of things, about 10 per cent of cases would have mattered because colour is not the only thing we look at.

We also look at the structure of the iris as well. Asked how a patient can tell a shonky iridologist, Toni says the best way is to ensure they have the appropriate certificate and by referral or word of mouth. Recent Posts minews.

Techniques in Iris Analysis Textbook For Iridology

November 15, Connect with:. Home mifeature Iridology: Fact or Fiction. June 01, Skeptic Sydney GP, Dr. Toni is not dogmatic about iridology or what it can and cannot do. Aussie Stem Cell Vision Breakthrough.

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