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Mason's handwriting is used as a typeface throughout the packaging. The gatefold features monochrome photographs of the dereliction around the power station. The album's release followed Capital Radio 's broadcast two days earlier of The Pink Floyd Story , and an evening press conference held at the power station two days before that.

It reached number two in the UK, and three in the US. NME called Animals "one of the most extreme, relentless, harrowing and downright iconoclastic hunks of music to have been made available this side of the sun", [37] and Melody Maker 's Karl Dallas described it as an "uncomfortable taste of reality in a medium that has become in recent years, increasingly soporific". They complain about the duplicity of human behavior and then title their songs after animals — get it?

They sound like they've just discovered this — their message has become pointless and tedious. In his autobiography Inside Out , Nick Mason suggests that the album's perceived harshness, when compared to previous Floyd releases, may be a result of a "workman-like mood in the studio", and an unconscious reaction to the accusations from the aforementioned punk genre that bands like Pink Floyd represented "dinosaur rock".

He confirmed that the re-release will feature new artwork and photographs of modern-day Battersea Power Station.

Sundown Wild Forest

The album became the subject material for the band's In the Flesh Tour , which began in Dortmund on the same day the album was released. Algie became the inspiration for a number of pig themes used throughout. An inflatable pig was floated over the audience, and during each performance was replaced with a cheaper, but explosive version. On one occasion the mild propane gas was replaced with an oxygen-acetylene mixture, producing a massive and dangerous explosion.

German promoter Marcel Avram presented the band with a piglet in Munich , only for it to leave a trail of broken mirrors and excrement across its mirrored hotel room, leaving manager O'Rourke to deal with the resulting fallout. The band was joined by familiar figures such as Dick Parry and Snowy White , [44] but relations within the band became fraught. Waters took to arriving at the venues alone, departing as soon as each performance was over.

On one occasion, Wright flew back to England, threatening to leave the band. The size of the venues was also an issue; in Chicago , the promoters claimed to have sold out the 67, person regular capacity of the Soldier Field stadium after which ticket sales should have been ended , but Waters and O'Rourke were suspicious. He was not the only person who felt depressed about playing to such large audiences, as Gilmour refused to perform a third encore. The spitting incident would later form the basis of a new concept, [47] which would eventually become one of the band's most successful album releases, The Wall.

All tracks written and all lead vocals performed by Roger Waters , except where noted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pink Floyd. Progressive rock [1] hard rock [2]. Harvest Columbia. The " Pigs " on Animals represent the people whom Waters viewed as being at the top of the social ladder. See also: Pink Floyd pigs. Rolling Stone. New York. Retrieved 18 July Ultimate Classic Rock.

Banksia - Australian Plant Information

Retrieved 25 January NBC Olympics. Retrieved 30 July Album review at AllMusic.

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  5. Tempted by the Tycoon (BookStrand Publishing Romance)?
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The Flame and the Frost (Fauna Trilogy Book Three)

The Village Voice. Super Deluxe Edition. Retrieved 20 April Australian Chart Book — Illustrated ed. Ives, N. Hung Medien. Retrieved 5 August Library and Archives Canada. Retrieved 9 June Nielsen Business Media, Inc. Retrieved 7 September UK Albums Chart. Federation of the Italian Music Industry. Retrieved 22 June Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry. Retrieved 14 June IFPI Austria. Music Canada. Bundesverband Musikindustrie.

go to site Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana. Select "" in the "Anno" drop-down menu. Select "Animals" in the "Filtra" field. Select "Album e Compilation" under "Sezione". British Phonographic Industry. Select albums in the Format field. We were nautical miles from the nearest hospital; a half-day trip, even in ideal conditions. He was still in front of our campsite, facing the water. He aimed straight up, then watched as the bright tracer rose and arced somewhere far behind him, deep in the woods. He was uncertain whether this counted as a success. He started scanning the fog in front of him, but the Zodiac never appeared.

And yet, this was lucky: they wound up coming ashore much closer to where I was waiting in the woods with Jon. Soon, whatever poem I was reciting was interrupted by whistles blowing and voices calling, and eventually three shapes, wearing hard hats and heavy orange rain gear, rushed toward us out of the trees. Roberts was especially impressive, a reassuringly large Boston-area native with a booming voice. The information was troubling: his pulse was 60 beats per minute; his breathing, fast and shallow.

They put his neck in a brace and eased him onto a kind of truncated backboard, called a Miller board, to move him out to the beach.

Poster project to illustrate the role players in a forest ecosystem

Dave had returned by then. Later that night, lying down to sleep in a bed-and-breakfast in Gustavus — stunned and depleted, but dry and warm — Dave and I would talk and talk, reviewing the entire ordeal. We had drooped into a long silence, coasting toward sleep, when Dave spoke up with one last observation. When we were getting ready to lift Jon on the backboard, he said, it occurred to him that this was one of those crisis moments you hear about, like when mothers are suddenly able to lift a car off their baby.

Dave expected we were going to have superhuman strength. We did not have superhuman strength.

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  • Then, in one motion, they took off downhill, with negligible help from us. The network had sent crews to other Coast Guard stations around the country too, though this assignment appeared to hold the most dramatic potential. Air Station Sitka was unique: Its pilots were responsible for 12, miles of coastline, a sprawling, treacherous wilderness riven with fjords, inlets and glaciers, often buffeted by implacably horrible weather. She was taking the call from behind a semicircular counter, like the reception desk at a midlevel corporate branch office. Karl Baldessari, informed everyone that this mission would take longer to plan.

    Baldessari was a year veteran of the Coast Guard, a fast-moving, sinewy man in a blousy flight suit, with a tidy mustache and spiky hair. His role at the air station was that of a firehouse chief. He was responsible for the safety of everyone working there, which meant making judicious decisions about what warranted sending them hurtling through the sky. That calculus got knotty in conditions like these, though there was a baseline volatility to flying in Alaska at all.

    Visibility in Alaska was frequently poor; conditions changed quickly. It was like taking an exit off the interstate, except there might be a granite wall in front of you wherever you chose to get off. It was possible the pilots would travel very far — a half-mile away from whoever needed their help — only to discover that the last leg was too risky and be forced to turn back.

    This Inian Pass, right here, is the worst place we could possibly go. Inian Pass is a slim channel near the center of the Icy Strait, the long, interconnected system of waterways stretching through Glacier Bay. Conditions in the Icy Strait can be bad days of the year, Baldessari recently told me; wind, rain and storm surges all push through it fast from the open ocean. But Inian Pass is a narrow keyhole at the center of the strait — a mile-wide opening between a few uninhabited islands and a rocky point — where all that weather speeds up.

    The only way for the pilots to reach us would be to fly straight through it. Nothing in the National Geographic footage, at this point, feels reassuring.

    The flight surgeon holds his hand over his mouth and bites his lip.