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Wyoming Place Names. State of Montana. Helena capital. Seal of Montana.

The 50th Anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act | Northwest Rafting Company

State of Wyoming. Cheyenne capital. Seal of Wyoming.

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Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A view of the Powder River in northern Wyoming. Map of the Powder River basin.

The Powder River

He has extensive experience in managing large-scale riparian restoration projects specializing in native vegetation recovery and post-fire restoration. He is also a qualified heavy equipment operator with over 1, operating hours. Reid holds a B. Outside of restoration, his passions include rock climbing, trail running and skiing with his very charismatic dog Bear, and appreciating the wildness that remains in the west.

Photo Credit: WildEarth Guardians. Tweets by wildearthguard. Join the Wild Bunch No text in photo slides. Recent Stories. Stonefly wins Endangered Species Act protections, though protections limited WildEarth Guardians Nov 21, Meltwater lednian stonefly threatened by climate change Read more.

Wild Rivers - Howling [Live]

New Mexico Game Commission ignores public voices on trapping Nov 22, Stonefly wins Endangered Species Act protections, though protections limited Nov 21, Coalition calls for Colorado climate action Nov 21, New Mexico Game Commission to meet on trapping rules Nov 20, Guardians targets wildlife-killing program in Montana Nov 19, Joshua Tree, democracy and public lands Nov 15, Guardians Take Action Oct 9, Beckoning the Beavers Oct 30, Grizzly Guardian Aug 22, Postcard from the Gila Jul 23, Equilibrium Jul 16, Guardians goes to Washington Jul 4, Why legislation authorizing permanent retirement of livestock grazing permits matters Jul 23, Why the Endangered Species Act matters Jan 1, Buy Tickets for Guardians Events!

Celebrate our 30th anniversary with us at an event this year. WildEarth Guardians Press. Wild wolf pup dragging leghold trap in Gila Nov 27, Game Commission ignores public, pushes inadequate trapping rule Nov 22, Desert Sun Nov 15, KRQE Nov 27, Colorado Public Radio Nov 24, Searching for Petoskey stones, swimming through the clear waters of the lake, rescuing turtles and frogs from the road and getting lost in the stars of the dark night sky fueled her appreciation and respect for nature.

Her past working experiences have included a farm to table inspired bakery, Italian vineyards and the wine making process and most recently some time at the Chicago Patagonia store in Lincoln Park where she first learned of WildEarth Guardians. Within the last few years, Eleni had spent summers in Santa Fe with her partner and was immediately drawn to the juxtaposition of the deeply forested mountains and vast desert landscapes. Prior to moving into private practice, Melissa worked as a staff attorney for WildEarth Guardians from — Since then, she served for six years on the board of directors for the Southern Plains Land Trust.

She is a wildlife enthusiast and all around animal lover. She also serves as pro bono counsel for the board of directors of High Country News. An advocate since the 70s, she received her degree in Environmental Studies taught by some of the big thinkers of the time such as Paul Ehrlich, Stewart Brand, Dr.

Map of Wild and Scenic Rivers

Richard Leakey, Alan Chadwick, and Dr. Utilizing that education, coupled with commitment and inspiration, Rebecca started taking actions from working in one of the first solar energy homes to working on ballot measures for better public transportation systems in the Bay Area. In the meantime, she married Mitch Mandich and has two grown children, Matthew and Madeleine, and various dogs and cats have graced their lives.

Having traveled extensively, her favorite escape is camping in our national parks and on public monuments and lands, where she has experienced all manner of wildlife and wild places. She became acquainted with WildEarth Guardians about six years ago when she read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle about their lawsuit against U. Fish and Wildlife services regarding wolves. She sent them a letter and a fast friendship formed over their mutual love of all things wild. A deep political will and an openness to examine new ideas dictate her thinking. She feels that embracing environmental changes through engagement, both politically and through grassroots efforts, are paramount for the evolution of a responsible species to continue the ride on, what she affectionately refers to as, Spaceship Earth.

Powder River

Gay Dillingham Member, Board of Directors Gay has consistently juggled her passions for the environment, public policy and communication to deepen our human experience and success while on this marvelous planet. Earthstone is an environmental Intellectual Property IP company manufacturing recycled glass into an engineered "white foam glass" for surface abrasion, non-toxic cleaning technologies, agriculture products and building materials.

The EIB is responsible for environmental management and consumer protection for the state.